“When I met Dawn I had lost 30% hearing in my left ear and 50% hearing in my right. Wanting to avoid yet another surgery my mom suggested acupuncture. Skeptical and seeing it as a last ditch effort I went to Dawn. After a couple sessions I noticed there was some soft music in the background. Turns out Dawn had music on during all our sessions but I wasn’t able to hear it before. After seeing her once a week for a month my hearing returned back to normal! Through this amazing medical healing (Dawn taught me not to say medical miracle when talking about acupuncture). I also was sleeping better, feeling more energized, and my immune system improved. I unfortunately have now moved out of Texas and have discovered how truly irreplaceable Dawn is. She got to know me not only as a client but as a person. She creates and inviting environment which is wholesome and lively for healing while at the same time maintaining a quiet serenity. I cannot speak highly enough of Dawn and her amazing outlook on life and medicine.”  ~Avery P

“Working with Dawn Edelman has been a life-changing experience. Her sessions help guide me to recognize energy patterns within myself and are helping teach me to trust my instincts and reactions. Her wisdom goes beyond aches and pains and extends to how each body fits into the world.”  ~Ruth R.

“I have had 3 Acupuncturists in Dallas. Dawn has been the best.
She doesn’t fool around, gets down to business in 30 seconds or less
and is not shy about any health issue or challenge I have presented to her.
I know a healer when I meet one and Dawn Edelman has this gift. I recommend
her to anyone.”  ~KDB

“Dawn Edelman is a healer! Her knowledge of acupuncture is deep; sessions with her have helped me in ways I hadn’t known I needed. Her sensitivity with clients is one of the reasons I trust her as a resource and am quick to recommend her to others.”  ~Betty

“Initially, acupuncture was a mystery to me. A friend who knew I was having problems with digestion referred me to Dawn. I am so grateful for that! Acupuncture has not only helped me resolve digestion issues, it’s also helped me alleviate neck pain, considerably lessen hot flashes, and build a strong immune system. I am thankful for Dawn and the health and healing she’s delivered to me through acupuncture.”  ~LaurieGrace

“Dawn is a good listener and takes copious notes to refer back to at a later date. I know she helps my body from the positive results I get with each appointment. I call her Needler Extraordinaire!”  ~Jo D.

“I was having trouble sleeping. I did not want to take sleeping pills. Dawn immediately put me at ease with her gentle spirit and calm demeanor. She gave me great guidance and some strategies to help manage the stress and sleeplessness. After the first treatment, I had the first good night of sleep in a long time…in fact, I slept, and slept, and slept that weekend. If she’s not a miracle worker, she’s pretty darn close! She is gifted and has helped me so much as I try to build a healthier me.”  ~GW