The Nature of Acupuncture

What Does Acupuncture Treat

And Other Frequently Asked Questions

The Nature of Acupuncture

Is Nature.

Imagine a clogged pipe. What does it look, smell, feel, and sound like? (Please don’t try to ‘taste’ this!) 

Before the clog, there is pressure, stagnation and eventual back up. At the clog, there is blockage and zero movement. After the clog, there is emptiness. As a result, the whole purpose of the pipe begins to fail because nothing is being delivered to the end point. Over time, THIS is exactly what happens in our bodies when there are blockages in the energy, or Qi, flow. The Laws of Nature that you observe outside apply to the inner working of our bodies also, at all times, without fail. Stuck energy, clogged pipes, stagnation in the meridians, mean imbalance in our functioning but lucky for us, Nature is always working towards homeostasis or balance. Lucky for us, since we are Nature too, our bodies are always endeavoring towards balance so that life can continue to exist.

Acupuncture and Asian Medicine (AM) respects these laws of Nature and identifies how they operate within us. Over the past 3,000 years, master practitioners have developed a comprehensive medical system that identifies patterns and relationships. Heat, Cold, Damp, Dry, Wind, organs, bones, connective tissue and their Yin-Yang aspects, reflect within us in ever changing and complex ways. Organs don’t function as separate parts. The feet bones don’t work separately from the shoulder bones. Everything works together in dynamic relationship.  

moxibustion (heat therapy), diet, exercise (qi gong and tai qi) and herbals/supplements, the modalities of AM, all strive to un-do clogs in the meridians so that every organ and tissue can get what it needs to function optimally. Once we open blockages, many unexpected improvements occur across body systems.

It is hard to imagine how physicians from the past 3,000 years mapped out meridians and discovered acupuncture points. How did they know that a needle placed in this point could stimulate the body to heal stomach aches or poor sleep? How did they know that these two points together would loosen up a tight spine? They were highly skilled and attuned observers and while it worked then, it still works now because it is based on the Laws of Nature that do not change. We are presented with new and different challenges over time and AM evolves to meet the changing needs of our bodies in today’s landscape.

Needles? Really?

Acupuncture needles are flexible, stainless steel, sterile, disposable and vary in size and length. They are gently inserted in to need-specific acupuncture points along the meridians that map the body to stimulate the movement of Qi and unclog those pipes! They are used only once and are properly discarded afterwards. The needles are designed to glide through the cells, not to break break them. To everyone’s surprise, they are nothing like hypodermic needles.

What can Acupuncture address?

Anxiety and emotional imbalances, sleep disturbance, chronic pain/illness, poor immunity, hormonal, digestive and respiratory issues, scars, structural imbalances, new and old injuries, all concerns relating to women’s health and pregnancy, and the list goes on…

Often when addressing one issue, you see improvement in other arenas. When energy flows smoothly, all parts work better. Think of the pipe and the clog!

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What can you expect from a treatment?

Our work together will begin with an initial consultation lasting between 1.5 – 2 hours. In that time Dawn will thoroughly review your health history with you, feel your pulses and palpate (gently press on points around your body) to help identify patterns. A treatment will be administered.  Follow-up sessions last about an hour. We will always check in on what is happening across all aspects of your life.

Course and frequency of treatment depend on how you respond and the depth of your issues/concerns. Many people use acupuncture for health maintenance and come for ‘tune-ups’ once a month or a few times a year. It depends on your concerns and goals.

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